Meech, Lynn

Meech, Lynn '60LYNN MEECH

I attended Phillips Univ. 4 years, played baseball. I joined the union in 1964 and retired from the pipefitters union in western Wa. in 1999. I worked as a pipefitter welder in 9 states, including 6 nuclear powerhouses. I make my home in Longview, Wa.  Did a lot of hunting, fishing, and still ride a motorcycle.  Have 4 children,3 girls and a boy, all in their 30’s now. Two girls are college grads. Carrie from Univ.of Portland , and Bobbie a grad of Scripps in L.A. and has a Masters in music from Cal State. She was the S.W. Wa. high school artist of the year as a concert pianist.  She teaches classical piano in L.A.  Sarah is pursuing a country music singing  career in Nashville. Shay was a good all around athlete and a talented artist and welder. He has a  lowrider car business in Longview and does the hydraulics and all .    Take Care,    LynnMeech, Lynn '10

McCoy (Decker) Woodruff, Darlene



After graduating I took a course in IBM Keypunch. Worked in computers for several years. Met and married William E Decker in Nov. 1960. We have two sons and twin daughters.
Bruce W., Bartlesville, OK. Married, one daughter. He is an Areonautical Engineer and works for Conoico Phillips.
James W., Hennessey, OK. 1st marriage, one son. 2nd marriage, she has five. Jimmy adopted her little girl. He joined the Navy in 1983. Was in the Gulf War. Got out but joined the Army Reserves. He was in a tank when in Iraq. He has been in Afghanistan twice teaching the Afgans. He works for his Dad as a Contract Pumper in the oil fields.
Coni S. (Decker). Young. Indian Trail, NC. Married, two daughters. She is a housewife and works at home for a company on her computer.
Roni R. Decker, Hennessey, OK. Married, divorced, one daughter and one son. Works for the grocery store in Hennessey. She is their Produce Manager.
After I divorced I started working for Wal-Mart in Cleveland, OK, transferred to the first store in Enid, then transferred to the Cushing store where I met and married Charles R (Tuck) Woodruff. He is from Virginia and he wanted to move back home, so we’ve lived in Jarratt, VA
since 1986. Jarratt is just off I-95 about 60 miles south of Richmond, VA. I worked in a small grocery store in Jarratt till they built a Wal-mart in Colonial Heights, VA. 34 miles north of here. They built a store in Emporia, VA, just 7 miles south of Jarrett, so I transferred to it. When I was working at the Colonial Heights store I was in the worst tornado I have ever been in. I worked for Wal-Mart for a total 22 years. Now I’m retired and loving it.
We live in the country on a little over two acres. We have a pond, not a great big one but big enough to have a bunch of catfish! Some are pretty good sized, 22 lbs. or better.


Wilson Gammon, Sugee

Wilson-Gammon, Sugee '60SUGEE (WILSON) GAMMON

I graduated from Enid High in 1960, got married to Roger Gammon, this June we will be married 50yrs. We had 2 boys, Rocky, and Ricky, in 1963 we moved to Denver, Co where we lived for 18yrs, I worked for 47 Dr’s and set up a scheduling center in the hospital there and work for 17yrs with those Dr’s.

Then we moved to Casle Rock, Co where I started managing properties, then from there we moved to Calif, lived there and I worked in Syntax Labs, and Rog worked for HP, then from there we moved all over the US, we have lived in every state in the US, and have done a lot of things, we moved to Az about 10yrs ago from GA and built a beautiful home 5100sq ft Santa Fe our dream home. In 2005 we founded a PT Cruiser Club, and we have owned over 6 PT we have 2 of them now being showing all over the US from West Coast to East Coast and it has been written up in a Magazine called Cruiser Quarterly and I also did write ups for the Magazine, and we still run the club if you are interested you can go up on our website and on the home page is a picture of our club members and our home. We put on one of the biggest PT Cruisers car shows in Laughlin, NV on in Mar. Next one will be Mar 17-20 2011.

Then we have one we put on call PT Roundup in the Desert in Scottsdale, AZ in Feb 4,5 2011. This will be our 7th yr. So this is just some of the things that Rog and I do, Roger is retired and does lots of work on our PT’s. His garage is 1800 sq ft, and has a hoist in it so that he can work on the cars. And I still manage 47 homes in our area of Queen Creek, AZ.

So if any of you come our way give us a call and come out we would love to see you. Our home is always open. As I do a lot of Spiritual work and I’m a healer. I have people from all over the world that come to see me.

Love and Light —Sugee/Roger Gammon–

If you are down our way give us a call.Wilson-Gammon, Sugee '10

Quick Stevens, Joyce

Quick-Stevens, Joyce '60JOYCE LEE (QUICK) STEVENS

I have lived in Enid since graduation in 1960; having moved to Enid in junior high, from my ancestral roots in the St. Louis, Missouri area.   I now have new roots planted here, seasoned with time; family and memories.

I married Leon Stevens on October 22, 1961. He has been in the carpet contracting business for 49 years now. (Stevens Floor Covering) He graduated from Carrier High School in 1961.
We have three children, eleven grandchildren, one great grandchild and one grandchild deceased.
all three of my children graduated from Enid High School as did one of my grandchildren in 2010.
At this time I have 2 other grandchildren at Enid High School.

Our children are Tami Stevens Henry (Steve); Tommy Stevens (Elaine); and Timi Stevens Wood Tim).
Other grandchildren are: Hunter, Storm, Tommy II, Starri, Tiffany, Nash, Keeley, Branson, Brady, Blake, Briley Hope, Great Grandchild Kentley, and deceased grandchild Journey Brooke.
We have been blessed, as each one is a special gift from the Lord.
I have been staying active in the community by being involved in church, volunteer work in different places, nursing homes, hospitals, Enid Cemetery, etc.

I am now on the board of Enid Cemetery, having served in two capacities as treasurer and President.
I also have my own personal care and needs business. “Cottage Charm Care” –A Handle with Care –A Handle with Prayer Service.
This is such a great joy and a wonderful opportunity for me, as my heart is to always help others.
It is a very fulfilling life.  I also carry a minister’s license which helps me to more involved with their care, if need be.
My goals are to always put the Lord first, then family, and then helping others and the Community.
I desire to continue to learn and grow as I walk day by day on my life’s journey.Quick-Stevens, Joyce '10

Arnold, Brian

Arnold, Brian '60BRIAN ARNOLD

  Following school, my life has been a simple one.  A tour in the Navy; four
years in the Oklahoma National Guard; 4-1/2 years working for Haney
Brother’s Electric; almost 23 years working for Baker Wholesale, 17 of
those years as a traveling salesman selling plumbing and well supplies,
designing heating and air conditioning layouts for home and light
commercial business buildings until they closed their doors in Enid in 1990.

Following an 18 month self-imposed vacation, I worked as a floor salesman
for Athey Lumber Company for 3 years, then back to Winnelson Wholesale
Plumbing, then on to the United States Postal Service for the past 16+
years, (9 years 4 months part-time and 5 years 7 month full-time).

I intend to work for another 3 years at least.
I should mention 1 marriage in 1964, 2 children (the oldest killed in a motorcycle accident).  The second marriage of 30+ years to Sue (Lukenbaugh) Campbell a 1959 graduate.

My hobby is genealogy research.

The best of all of this, we are DEBT FREE.

Arnold, Brian '10