Harbaugh, Hank

Harbaugh, Hank '60HANK HARBAUGH

In years past, people heading to a 50th reunion all looked and acted real old.  Anymore, not so much!  But hasn’t the time flown by?
About 40 years ago, Nancy, my wife, and I completed a military obligation and came to Tulsa with our two sons.   I joined a great lawfirm and was there for 27 years, working many of those years with classmate Bob McCoy.  Since then I have worked almost entirely for one family, being involved with their real estate and oil and gas holdings, and their financial investments.  Recently, a new golf course, The Patriot, has opened on a portion of their nearby ranch which is becoming Stone Canyon, a new residential  development near Owasso.  See
www.stonecanyonliving.com/ and www.patriotgolfclub.com/.  Please let me know if you would like to play a round sometime.
Nancy and I have four grandsons, ages 17 to 5.  The oldest has lived with us for several years and presently is a junior attending a prep school in MA.  The younger three live with their parents in Stone Canyon.  Nancy has been learning much about body movement for health and rehabilitation, is a certified trainer in Feldenkrais Method, and is continuing to take courses in the Bones for Life program.  She will be sure that I continue to move properly in old age!
My younger sis, Ann Reding, has been principal at Taft Elementary in Enid for nearly 20 years.  We both attended school at Taft, and before that attended Miss Lucy’s Kindergarten on S. VanBuren with many of our EHS classmates.  Our mom, Dorothy, who taught for many years at Taft and Hayes, just turned 99 and is thoroughly enjoying life at Golden Oaks Village.
Sincere thanks to Sharon and Jovita and their committee for making all reunion arrangements.