Crook Carey, Eileene

Carey-Crook, Eileen '60Eileene Crook Careycurrent-carey-crop


After graduation I attended University of Oklahoma for my freshman year; I was intending to get a degree in nursing.  That summer I worked at St. Mary’s Hospital in the addmission office.  I found I was not a nurse candidate – too much empathy.  A chance to be a Flight Attendant with TWA appeared – I decided to try.  I flew for two and a half years until Phil and I married in 1964.  It was great fun!  I think the experience was very good training for my real career as a wife of a pilot.  I knew about crazy schedules, time zones, strange hotels, working holidays(no extra pay), spaceavailable travel, and the “care and feeding” of the crew – the most important passengers on your plane.  Friends would ask me, “Where’s Phil?”, I didn’t always know, but I did know when he should arrive home.

We have two children.  A daughter, Annette, graduated from University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing . She worked in Open-heart ICU until she married and had a son, Charlie (age 15); and a daughter, Abigail (age 13).  Now, Annette is a Jr. High School nurse.(Remember Jr. High?)
Our son, David, is also a Longhorn graduate with an MBA.  He is a Manager of Training with Fannie Mae.  He is married and has a son, Michael(age 17);  and a daughter, Rachel (age 15).

Herschberger Edelen, Lexy

Herschberger-Edelen, Lexy '60Lexy Herschberger Edelen

I have just read all of the bios and am more excited than ever to see
everyone!  I must say Suzi Hockmeyer Law gets the award for the
funniest!  I can’t wait to order her husband’s book.
Here’s my life in brief:  I graduated from OSU in 1964 with a
degree in Music Education, taught one year in Jefferson County,
Colorado, married my current & favorite husband, Ed, in 1965.  (He was
one of those pilots from the base who we weren’t supposed to date,
remember?)  He was a fighter pilot and an airline captain with Eastern
Airlines.  We lived in Maryland and New York and most of our lives in
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We have two daughters, Kyle & Lexy Lee,
and five grandchildren.  Kyle lives in South Carolina near us.  Lexy
lives in Bermuda.  Her husband is a foreign service diplomat there.
I have always been involved in music, as so many of you are.
Currently I am the Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Michael Catholic
Church, with an Adult and a Youth Choir.  I really enjoy my work.  Who
knew when I was playing piano for Miss Morrow that I would be using all
of her words of wisdom in choirs of my own.
I am so looking forward to seeing everyone.  My husband won’t be
attending.  He went through chemo & radiation treatment last year and
isn’t up to it.  The good news is all of his tests and blood work are
OK.  Hallelujah!  I will be rooming with Beverly Palecek Tuggle, my best
friend in high school.  Some things change but good friends stay the
See you all in October!        Fondly, Lexy

Rhoads Langston, Gaytha


After graduation I attended college at Southwestern State in Weatherford then I moved to Oklahoma City and attended the nursing program at Saint Anthony’s Hospital and became an RN. Most of my nursing career was spent working in the ER”S at Baptist and Deaconess Hospitals. The last twelve years I have worked in the heart cath lab at Deaconess. I have been blessed with good health, so I continue to work full-time, and I hope to at least work for two more years before I begin to think of retirement.

I married Gary Brewer (alum EHS 1959) . We were married for 28 years then divorced. We had two children Kevin and Kim. They are both graduates of OU and live in Oklahoma City. They both are doing well in their careers. Kim is married and has 2 sons, Garrett 2 and Keller 1. I love being a grandparent and spend alot of my free time with the grandsons.

It is hard to write about your life for 50 years since your high school graduation. I have had a good life with few regrets. This will be only the second reunion I have attended, so I am looking forward to seeing many of  you after all these years.

Gaytha Langston

Adams James, Sharon

Adams, Sharon '60After high school graduation, I attended OSU, completed an associate degree in the College of Business, and then married Roy James from Hillsdale, OK, in 1962. During his career as an Air Force fighter pilot, we lived in 11 locations throughout the US and also lived near Oxford, England and then transferred to Madrid, Spain. I like to travel and have lived in or visited 39 of the US states and 11 European countries and am very thankful I have had these opportunities. We divorced in 1984 while he was stationed in Tampa, FL. I returned to college and completed the College of Business Administration BS and MBA degrees at the University of South Florida. I continued living in Tampa, worked at the USAA Insurance Corporation, and participated in numerous community volunteer activities, including the public activities for second Tampa SuperBowl. When USAA opened their Phoenix, AZ office, I transferred to Phoenix in January 2003 and continued volunteer activities, including the Phoenix Super Bowl. I retired in November 2006 and remain in Phoenix. Yes, it definitely gets very hot here in the summers! I had a hard time adjusting to the desert life after living in FL for 25 years but have come to appreciate the beauty of the desert in springtime and the year around beauty and majesty and mystery of the high country. I’ve explored most of Arizona, southern UT, and northwestern NM. I’ve planned a trip next spring into southwestern NM and another trip next fall back to my favorite national and state parks and monuments and out of the way places in northern AZ and southern UT.Our son, Michael, lives in GA and is a deputy sheriff. I enjoy visiting with them and plan to move to their area within the next couple of years.

I recently had knee surgery and must continue wearing the knee & leg immobilizer brace 24/7 for several more weeks so my activities have been extremely curtailed until I can resume driving in about 2 more months. Unfortunately, this also means that I’m not able to attend our class’ 50th reunion. I’ve enjoyed reading the bios and hope that everyone has a great time at the reunion. Sharon Adams James 9/18/2010Adams, Sharon '10

Carey, Phil & Eileene

 Carey, Phil '60PHIL CAREYcurrent-careys

I went to the University of Illinois, taking four years of Air Force ROTC and graduating with a BS in Accountancy.  In the first half of June, 1964, Eileene and I were married and went to Illinois for my graduation and commissioning ceremonies.  In October  I began pilot training  – which I had wanted to do since I was a little kid – graduating a year later, followed by three and a half years as an instructor pilot.

In 1969 I started as a pilot with American Airlines.  I flew the 707,727,757,767,777 and my favorite, the DC-10.  After I made Captian, I spent most of my career as an instructor/check airman at American’s Flight Academy.  I gave training and  check rides to both First Officers and Captains on 727’s and DC-10’s in simulators and airplanes, including giving FAA type rating check rides to Captians in both airplanes.

In May of 2001 I took early retirement, after flying the 777 four months.  The job was starting to feel like work, the DC-10 had been retired in November of 2000, and the “Biggie” – after putting up with 35+  years of my being a pilot, Eileene was getting tired of worrying that my luck might be about to run out.

We would like to see everyone at the reunion, and find out what everyone’s been up to, but we’re not going to make it.  Have a great time !