Jack, John H.

 John Houston Jack
January 02, 1942 – January 26, 2018

Funeral service for John Jack, 76 of Enid, will be 1:00 PM Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at Anderson-Burris Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Dan Barrick officiating. Burial will follow in Hawley Cemetery under the direction of Anderson-Burris Funeral Home & Crematory.
John was born on January 2, 1942 in Enid to Allen and Ruth (Frazier) Jack and passed away on January 26, 2018 in Enid.
John grew up in Enid and graduated from Enid High School. In 1961 he started working at Vance Air Force Base as a computer operator. John retired after working there for 49 years. He was also a licensed plumber and worked for his father-in-law. He was a 32nd Degree Mason, member of Lodge #80, and Jack loved traveling and fishing.
He was preceded in death by his parents and grandson, Warren Jack II.
John is survived by his companion, Kay Hendricks; son, Warren Jack and wife, Gretchen, and their daughter, Heather Steele and husband Tyler; son, John Jack Jr. and his sons, Adam and Randy Jack; three step-grandchildren; two step-great-grandchildren; and sister, Jo Ann Whitlock and husband Jim.



Mitten, Ralph

Mitten_Ralph US Army, 1959-resize-70   Ralph Mitten           Mitten-R&R 2012-30resize

I did not get to walk and receive my graduation certificate like normal people; instead, I enlisted in the Army. I did, however, receive my HS equivalent (GED) certificate while in the Army.

After receiving an honorable discharge (that may surprise a couple of you), I returned to Enid, OK. I was working at George E. Failing Co. on East Main when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. That is where I met Rosalie Dowe. She was George Doremus’s secretary. I asked her out on a dare from the guys in the shop, and we married a year later in 1965. Poor girl; I drug her all over the world and she has stuck with me through it all.

I became a pilot in 1968, and a commercial pilot/flight instructor in 1969. In 1970, I went to work for the Frisco Railroad, as a track hand. Six months later, I was enrolled in the Apprentice Engineer program. Eventually, Ben Haines and I took our written test to be a locomotive engineer. The examiner sat at the same table with us and didn’t even close the door when he went to the bathroom. The exam took two days. Later, I learned that Ben and I had made the highest scores ever recorded on the Frisco RR. (proud moment). An interesting tidbit – I worked with Beverly Gearheard’s daddy for 16 years on the Frisco/ Burlington Northern RR before leaving in 1986. I went back into the aviation field full time.

The last two years on the RR, I went to school and took the required tests to become an aircraft mechanic. Three years later, I took the exam to become an aircraft inspector. I have maintained both licenses to date. From 1986 to 1990, I trained and received my Airline Transport pilot license. I also received both Single Engine and Multi-engine, Land and Sea license.

From 1990 to 1992, we went to the South Pacific and served with Pacific Missionary Aviation as a life line to the outer island people. I carried missionaries to the outer Islands, did air medicine drops, sea search and rescue, and medical evacuations. I can honestly say that the Lord allowed me to serve Him in a much-needed ministry.

In 1992, we returned to the US, and I went to work for Groendyke Transport as a company pilot and aircraft mechanic. While there, I flew many missions for the company in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Sometimes, I flew alone, and sometimes, as captain or co-pilot with Mel Shipley, in the company Turbo-prop and Jet airplanes.

In 2000, I went to work at Flight Safety, International (training pilots in jets) in Wichita, Kansas. I retired in 2008 (65 years old) and Rosalie and I moved back to Enid. We have lived at Golden Oaks Retirement village since then. My final achievement, while in Wichita, was to fly a Citation CE680 Sovereign Jet from Wichita, KS to London, England. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of the night at 45,000 feet.

I did, however, become very bored after retirement; and eight months later, I went to work for Aircraft Structures, International, at Woodring Airport  (Mickey and Kay Stowers), where I worked six more years.

Rosalie and I have been blessed with fifty wonderful years together. We have two children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. We have been members of Emmanuel, Enid since 1980, where Dennis Luckinbill is the leader of my community group.

Corporon Taylor Stevens-Parker, Suzi

Corporon-Parker, Susie '60SUZI (now S.) CORPORON TAYLOR STEVENS-PARKER

Suzi Corporon , EHS Class of 1960
Now Known As:  S. Taylor Stephens-Parker
Dear EHS Class of 1960,

Though we will not physically be there, we will be thinking of all of you who are !  My husband, Stan Parker, and I fly to Istanbul, Turkey on Oct. 7with the Dallas Friendship Force group for a 2 ½ week visit.  We will take a 10 day private group tour with an English speaking guide.  Then we will meet our hosts on October 17 at their home for a 7 day Homestay.  The husband is a Dr. and his wife is a Registered Pharmacist.  We will learn more about their culture from them and they will learn more about our culture while we take our meals with them, visit important icons of theirs like the Blue Mosque and Saint Sophia’s Mosque, and converse with them about their culture.  Though none of the 4 of us are fluent in the others’ language, each of us can make ourselves understood!
Now for the Bio:
I went to Phillips University for 1 full year after EHS graduation   As a sophomore, I transferred to the University of Kansas, and was planning on nursing.  I also met my 1st husband there.  Married in Dec. 1962, we moved to Kansas City.  I worked at TWA for 2 years while my husband, John H. Burkle, Jr finished his business degree.  I quit my job and went back to KU in the Spring of 1965, this time on the KU Med Center Campus in Kansas City, KS.  After 2 years and 3 months there, 92 of us student nurses graduated with a BS in Nursing on June 5, 1967!  Just 3 days later, our daughter Amy was born at KUMC.
We lived in the KC area for 2 years, during which time our son, John III, was born in Dec. 1968.  Six weeks later John got a promotion and a transfer to Chicago where it was freezing cold in February 1969.  After 4 years of long winters, John landed a promotion in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area in Texas.  My BFF, Eileene (Crook) and her husband, Phil Carey, sang the praises of the Arlington schools.
Amy was 5 and expecting to go to Kindergarten, but Texas didn’t have public Kindergarten!  Amy was enrolled in a private school.  Solution found!
So, for the most part, I have lived in Arlington for 37 years.  I can tell you that a mild Winter in Texas appears to mean a hotter than Hell Summer!  My goal is to spend the hottest months in COOL places in 2011.  If your Summer and Fall are COOL,  I just might have to visit you!
They say that when you buy a new house it is followed by a new baby. Yup.  It happened to me.  They were right:  our 3rd child, Annabeth, was born in Oct. 1973.  Anna moved from Austin to Boston this past Summer, trying to achieve COOL temperatures.  She is a much-in-demand hair dresser at a large salon and loving her new digs in the NE.
In 1980, after 18 years of marriage and two years of counseling, I filed for a divorce from John.  Very shortly thereafter I finished up my Masters Degree in Psychiatric and Mental Health and had launched my career as a Nurse/Clincian at Tarrant County MHMR.
Fourteen months later, a $5000 raise in pay got me 2 stints at John Peter Smith Hospital, the County hospital.  There I served in the Psych ER & also as Charge Nurse of the Acute Adult Psychiatric Unit.  What a trip that was!!
My next job was as a Weekender at Willow Creek Hospital, in far South Arlington, I was the Charge Nurse on the Adolescent Girls Unit.  I can tell you some pretty good stories about those days!!
After 5 ½ years at Willow Creek, a new administration took over.  I was hired by a former colleague at Medical Plaza Hospital for the Day Shift Weekend Charge Nurse on the Adult Acute Unit. I worked there for 10 months before the administration closed the unit.  I took advantage of being laid-off permanently.
I now had time to plan, plot, and polish my return to the workforce!
My last nursing job for hospital nursing was with Tarrant County MHMR, in July of 1994 thru 1997. This time as Nurse Clinician in the Psych Crisis Clinic.  These were some of my most enjoyable years.  Our staff was very cohesive and almost like family.
I was looking for something which would be nurturing to myself and others as well.  The next day I answered an ad for a live in caregiver for a 94 year old woman.  I interviewed with her son, and he hired me on the spot!  I started working the next Monday and ended up working there for 4 more years!
In the years since then I have –much to my surprise—(1) become a Master Gardener in 2002 AND become (2) a Citizen Ambassador to the World as a member of Friendship Force International!  My dear husband and I have been traveling widely for the last 8 years and hope to keep doing it into our 80s!
This may come as a surprise, but true—I had a baby girl and gave her up for adoption.  I had a lot of time to think about it, but doing it was not easy.  I was able to find her in 1997 pretty quickly—Trish Belden Rice was 37 when we first talked about our relationship would or could be.  Trish was married to Mike Rice and they had a 22 month old girl, Danielle, and they lived in Omaha, NE.  It was a VERY EMOTIONAL reunion for both of us in January 1998.  They now live in Tomball,TX ,. about 1 hr NW of Houston.—Danielle is 15 and Matthew is 10.  Mike works for HP and Trish works for a MD in a family practice clinic nearby.  You would know her if you saw her—-she looks just like me!!
Amy is now 43 and is married to Trey Hancock.  They live in El Paso, TX, and have 2 children:  Josh is 12  and Katie will soon be 10.  Amy graduated from UTA  and is now home schooling both children.  I have to say that I admire her very much—don’t think I could’ve done that!  Trey owns his own business, Physical Therapy. Both are now learning how to play tennis.
John will be 42 in Dec.  He lives and works in the San Francisco area.  He has always liked to take things apart and see what’s up with things.  His specialty is working on motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other sport machines.  He has 1 son, Johnathan.  I feel deep sadness when I think of him.  I haven’t seen him since he was 19.  Our relationship is pretty pitiful. Though I’d like to mend the relationship, I doubt it will actually happen. I’m grateful I at least know he’s alive and working!
Annabeth is 37.  She moved from Austin, TX to Boston, MA just five months ago after  passing her GED with flying colors.  She quickly found a job with an upscale hair salon in Dedham and now lives enjoys not having a big yard to care for—it gives her time to spend at Cape Cod!  She is clearly enjoying living in Boston!
I was divorced for over 20 years when I rescued Judge Hugh Stanton Parker from being single!  I had only known him for 19 years when he proposed to me on Feb. 28, 2000.  Knowing that this “rescue” could morph into a retreat, I arranged for a friend of mine to officiate at our home wedding March 21, 2000.  We wrote our own double ring vows, but when shopping for rings, he was reluctant to buy one for himself!  Why?  Because he had never worn one before.  So I told him that if he didn’t want to wear a ring, then we could just go to a pawn shop and find one for him to use at our double ring wedding, and then just toss it.  At this point, he said, “I think I’ve changed my mind.  I’ll buy a ring for me, too.”  Stan is the best procrastinator I have ever known!!  He is also a wonderful husband, Dad, and Grandpa.  We’ve enjoyed 10 ½ years of wedded bliss.  In those years we have found great pleasure in traveling the world with Friendship Force, International for the past 8 years!
Now that the Entire Class Members of 1960 are of retirement age, I’d like to invite ALL of you to find a Friendship Force Group in your city, state, or region—wherever you are.  Start with this website: www.thefriendshipforce.org  There are over 350 chapters world wide.  We have found that if you put your feet under your hosts’ table, you sleep in their home, you spend time with them, you will come to learn that ALL people want most of the things that we, too, hold near and dear to our hearts.  We begin with:
PEACE ON EARTH!   AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME!Corporon-Parker, Susie '10

Gearheard Davis, Beverly

Gearheard-Davis, Beverly '60BEVERLY GEARHEARD DAVIS

Sorry my bio assignment is so late. As a retired & tired  English teacher,  I know that assignments turned in late only get partial credit.  But at this stage of life, who cares?

After graduating from OU, I married a recently graduated lawyer, Don Davis, and we moved to his hometown of Lawton.  He practiced law and was a member of the OK House of Representatives for ten years, and then in 1980 became President of Cameron University for 22 years.
I taught Sr. High English for 20 years and volunteered for many efforts. Don’s careers have been really fun for me as well.  We’ve entertained hundreds of people, been involved in exciting ventures, traveled a great deal, and “raised” two great sons, both lawyers.  Casey is assistant general counsel with the Grand River Dam Authority at Grand Lake, and Josh is an Assistant District Attorney in Enid.  (Don’t plan on getting picked up by the police while in Enid; however, if such should happen, I’ll see what Josh can work out. Judge Ron Franklin is retired, so he’ll be no help at all.)  We live in OKC now where Don is Special Counsel to Governor Brad Henry.  I’ve been so blessed in my life, and as I read your bios, it’s obvious we all have been.  HERE’S TO THE CLASS OF ’60.  See you soon.

Hartman Steele, Carol

Hartman-Steele, Carol '60CAROL HARTMAN STEELE



Following graduation from OSU with a degree in journalism, I took off for Washington, D.C. to seek a career in journalism and my fortune.  I never got very far into  the journalism career and I’m still looking for that fortune,  but along the way I discovered my husband, John,  (we married in 1967) and a fascinating 30-year career working for the U. S. Agency for International Development.  John and I were both U.S. foreign service officers working in developing countries for four-year stints in Vietnam, Kenya, Jordan, Swaziland, and El Salvador, with occasional positions in Washington, D.C. We adopted our son, Chris, in 1974.  He grew up in all of those places, married last year, and lives and works in San Diego.

John and I retired to a tiny community on the north Oregon coast.  We’ve become involved in a number of volunteer activities.  We also thoroughly enjoy all sorts of hiking, fishing, clamming, crabbing, and other outdoor opportunities in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

That’s enough for now.  I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  It has been way too long since I returned to Enid or saw any of you.Hartman-Steele, Carol '10